Meixue Zhou (He/Him)

Professor, University of Tasmania
  • Australia

About Meixue Zhou

I am a researcher leading cutting-edge research in cereal genetics and breeding. I started my career as a barley/wheat breeder in the 1990s in China. I commenced my research career in Australia in 1999 after I finished my PhD study at Charles Sturt University. I commenced working with the University of Tasmania as a Junior Research Fellow (Level A) in 1999, was then promoted to Research Fellow in 2002, then to Senior Research Fellow in 2006, then to Associate Professor in 2010, and finally to a full professor in 2018. During this period, I have successfully expanded the Tasmanian research program from a purely breeding program to a broad range of germplasm development and other applied research programs. My research has been focusing on the discovery of new mechanisms for plants to deal with different stresses (most of them are caused by climate changes, for example, waterlogging, acidic soils and salinity), developing new breeding technologies, identifying key genes and germplasm for plant stress tolerance and integrating them to produce high-yielding commercial barley varieties. I have published over 250 peer-reviewed journal papers, appearing in prestigious journals such as Nature Communication, PNAS, and Plant Biotechnology Journal. I am one of the few researchers who have successfully transformed research outcomes to produce new crop varieties thus producing a direct impact on crop production. My research team is targeting the delivery of the whole package to industries/farmers to increase their grain production. I have a strong passion for promoting collaboration within the Australian grain industry between researchers, the industrial sector and government agencies whilst establishing global networks for the significant benefit of the industry.


Environmental Science