Wenzheng Fang

Professor, East China Normal University
  • China

About Wenzheng Fang

Professor, atmospheric chemistry and environment, School of Geographic Sciences, Faculty of Earth Sciences, East China Normal University.

My interests but not limited: (1) source apportionment and atmospheric processes of BC, OC (e.g., brown C) aerosols during transport and their effects on climate and environment; (2) microplastics and effects; (3) the pollution in snow and ice and climate impacts; (4) design and development of advanced instruments (e.g., Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (AMS), Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer); (5) emissions and sinks of BVOCs as well as their reactions with oxidants (e.g., OH, ozone); (6) formation and evolution of secondary organic aerosol (SOA) formed from photo-oxidation of VOCs; (7) measurements of radiative forcing and effects of brown carbon aerosols; (8) photochemistry of some air pollutants as well as heterogeneous reactions between aerosols, radicals, and VOCs.


Atmosphere Biogeochemistry Cryosphere Environmental Science Geoscience Human Interactions With Our Planet Natural Hazards Physical Climate Science


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